Another Midweek Car Boot

Wednesday, with the weather looking good off to Himley and Col’s Car Boot Sale. A little disappointing. Why? For the past few times the rent as been only 8GBP, but this time he charged me 11GBP. You might say only a few pounds, yes I have a small van. Compared to a number of cars which pack in a lot more than I do, I felt a little hard done by. Anyway take it or leave it. You don’t have to go. With the season coming to a end and the weather, well it hasn’t been good lately and a number of boots now closed, there is much option. Still made some money.

Again another venue that needs to look at the toilet facilities, very dirty.

Until next time.


Weekend Booting

Last weekend we managed to sell at two car boots, Saturday and Sunday. The Saturday car boot was again at Stratford Racecourse, selling just toiletries only on this occasion. A good day taking a few quid. The only draw back is that travelling to the boot is an early start. When we arrived the weather wasn’t very promising and only a few booters were there, so do we stay or do go back. After travelling a number of  miles to get there, we decided to stay and give it a go.

The only drawback once again are the toilet facilities. A few more on site and cleaned wouldn’t be a miss.

On Sunday, with a different angle of selling items, Shorthill, Kidderminster. Before we left the UK to work overseas for 21 years, our household belongings found their way in my wife’s mother’s loft. So the contents except for a number of special pieces were up for sale. We did manage to make a few quid, but the so call dealers or want to be ones were up to their tricks of trying to pay nothing for the stuff. I do wish they would play the game, a little profit for each of us.

As always the boot is worth a visit.

Outside the West Midlands

Down the M5 motorway to Cheltenham car boot sale to check out the set up for a future visit to sell. The boot sale runs on Saturday and Sunday, with a 12 noon start for set up for sellers, you can arrive early but be prepared to wait until the official time.

We took a look on Saturday, unfortunately the rain decided to pay a visit and due to the weather, RAIN, which at the moment is the car boot sellers curse put paid to an overall picture. Just 4 cars selling we called it a day and went to find lunch.

The field is big, so I am sure on a day when the weather is fine you will find a good boot sale for both sellers and buyers.



Stratford Racecourse Bootsale

Excellent day on Saturday 2nd September for a return to a bootsale I have not been to for about one year now. Great price for sellers and staff are very helpful.

The only minus point is the toilet facilities. Only two on the field and one broke down for a while. So a little inconvenience for the line of people waiting in line. Perhaps organizer’s think about increasing the number.

However, takings were good so I will return in a couple of weeks.

Car Boot Season Fully Underway

Since my last post, the car boot sales are now into full swing. Locations changing due the 14 day law:

“A market can be operated from a site on 14 days in any one year without the need for Planning Permission. (This is permitted under Class B of Part 4 of the Town and Country Planning General Permitted Development Order 1995)”.

Worth noting if you fancy running a car boot sale of your own. There is an idea!!! There are a number rules and regs to running a boot sale, so best to research before making the decision and of course get to know a farmer very well before considering going ahead. Remember the competition from other organizers is increasing.

Well back to me. What have been up to?  With my weekly trip to Shorthill, Kidderminster which always worth, either selling or buying, a visit. I have had good days and bad days selling but I keep going back. The attraction is that the venue is not far, cuts down on fuel costs and I can get up a little latter before setting off.

Wassel lGrove is another venue I go to, again with mixed results.

  • Address: Wassell Grove Lane, Hagley, Stourbridge, West Midlands.
  •  Postcode: DY9 9JL
  •  Phone: 07718 694 099

So until next time: Keep Booting



Trip to Saredon, Mill Lane

You know what it is like, you have found someone you have brought off and need some more? Well over the past few days I have taken to the road in search of this guy with stuff to sell and do you think I can find him? You guess it, NO. One last ditch effort before the weekend took me to Junction 11 off the M6. I have in the past booted there myself with reasonable success. But today was a visit to buy.

Took along my daughter, although we started out quite late. In fact 9.20am, which in boot terms is very very late. But I am not one to get up a silly o clock in search of that magic gem, that very rarely you will find in the age of the world wide web.

Plenty of booters to chose from with the usual stuff on the faithful paste tables. Perhaps the DIY stores should now market these valuable pieces of equipment under the name of BOOT TABLES. I am sure they would sell more.

Anyways back to the boot. 50 pence entry to buy and plenty of car park space.

Well worth the visit, but as I said I was there in search of one sellers. Cam away with a PC game Toy Story 2.


Stourbridge Rugby Club Boot Sale

Took a trip to check out this boot sale today. With the weather hot, brought out the many numbers of booters trying to sell their wares. Loads of people walking around, but not sure if money was changing hands. Anyway, taking a look to see if in the near future I may try a Wednesday morning booting.

Location: Bridgenorth Road from Stourbridge.

Check out: Sat Nav: DY7 6QZ

PRICES for Booting

Cars – £7.50

Cars + Trailer & 4×4’s – £8.50

Small Vans
(Astra type) – £8.50

Medium Vans
(Transit type) – £10.00

Luton Vans, Camper Vans, BA Trailers – £12.00

Extra Information

No entry to venue before 05:30am
(If you get there early – engines off please)

Seller entry – 05:30am
Buyers entry – 07:30am

Secure car parking – £0.50p


Worth getting down there to buy.

Back to the Fields

Car boot season is well on it’s way and are opening up everywhere. On Sunday took in my first of the year at Shorthill, near to Kidderminster. Over the winter months we took in Arrow, Redditch has this was indoors, so we were able to go every Sunday morning. Thanks Dave for having us, we be back next time you open the indoor bootsale.